In case of a car


 The national highway No. 1 line 「Before a zoo 」

(A crossing with McDonald's or Kentucky)

to the South

(If it is a line headed for Tokyo and is right-turn and a down line, it turns left.)


It progresses until it runs straight to a way.

(It passes through a zoo looking sideways at a Japanese noodles side 「segawa」 )


The end is arrived at about 500 m in right-turn. 





Search in the navigation system

Please search. 「118-9, Umeda, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi-shi」


At the reception desk on the ground floor of two-storey pink.




In the case of a train (walk/taxi)

The JR Central way main line 「Futagawa Station」 alighting .  To the southern entrance . 


Walking on the road, walking along the Zoo. 


And then turn left at the t-junction, turn right at the next t-junction.


If you walk about 500 m, it will arrive.   About on foot 25 minute.  


Or take a taxi to futagawa Station North exit "Nonhoi Strawberry farm" to and please tell.


The taxi fare is about 1,000 yen.