It food-education-strawberry-hunted and 2017 years were completed. 。



It is a schedule from January, 2018 next time. I'm waiting for everyone's coming.。

About reservation.

※There is a reservation site in the bottom most.※

  • If it is past 0:00, it is impossible to reserve reservation on the day.
  • Basically, we accept only reservation。
  • With your having reserved by the previous day, since, I am waiting for early reservation.
  • A receptionist may be accepted by an empty situations on the day. 。
  • Although I am allowed to reply reservation confirmation mail automatically after the completion of reservation, since reservation confirmation mail may be flipped, please take care with an e-mail filter. 。

Strawberry picking time


Registration time  Start time
  9:00-  9:25   9:30-10:30
  9:30-  9:55 10:00-11:00









suites making experience


Since the visitor who passed over registration time may move to the next time, please give me the early completion of a receptionist. 

(Please understand that it is ended in the morning. 。)。

2019  Food education strawberry picking price list

Period More than a junior high school student   Schoolchild  More than 3 years old


 1,000円 500円
April~May 1,500円  1,000円 500円

 It's free less than 2 years old.

Please complete a reception by 10 minutes before in the opening time as much as possible.

About a flow of food education strawberry picking.

It receives in a pink building (pink house). 

It stands by till the time of onset after a receptionist (a car, besides, etc.). 

It moves to a strowberry house after an all the members set in front of a pink house. 

The strawberry picking start after hearing the pleasant talk within a strawberry house (about 10 minutes) 

It will end, if it filled the belly or becomes [ whether it got bored and ] time. 

(A strawberry cannot be brought home. )

A souvenir strawberry can be purchased in a pink house. 

The next time is prepared. 

I have taken the total exchange system. 

About cancellation ・about the number of people change.

 In the case of cancellation 


・I receive a cancellation fee except for an inevitable case.

 (Please understand that the direction which was not made also comes even if he would like to reserve. )



In the case of the change in the number 


・Do you call me? 0532-39-4615

 Please inform me by e-mail. 


About number change, if it is not the change in three or more persons, please tell that there was change by receptionist on the day. 。

In the case of four or more persons, it hopes to announce you by a telephone or mail.  


(The matter which wants to tell )

・Reservation day   Reservation time   Name 

it cancels   or --   It increases by how many persons (it decreases). 


About condensed milk is concerned with bringing in.

Nonhoi strowberry farm  -- carrying out -- since I have confidence in the taste of a strawberry, even if there is no condensed milk, he can continue eating with good appetite. 


However, because there is request to which I'd like to change the taste.I'm preparing condensed milk and caramel.


condensed milk     1cup 30yen(Including tax)

caramel                            1cup 30yen(Including tax)


※Further, you'll sometimes exit the bringing in of condensed milk, so please accept it.

About a wheelchair and a stroller.

  • It's with a Nonhoi strawberry farm, I have got the aisle width widely with chopsticks.

   (Nonhoi strowberry farm 1.2m→The usual strowberry farm 0.9m)

  • Thereby, it can pass also by the wheelchair and a stroller with a margin. (Stress-free) 
  • Moreover, two adults can also pass. (Stress-free) 
  • It is a gravel road until it goes into a strawberry house. (Concrete prohibition for farmland) 

Please feel easy and come to play. 

About a parking lot.

  • These about 20 garden parking lots are stopped. 
    • Although I feel sorry very much, since it becomes the order of arrival, I am waiting by early coming. 。
  • Large-sized Buss is stopped one set. 

About clothes.

    • The red juice of a strawberry may be attached.
    • Even if you become dirty, please come in OK dress. 
    • White clothes stand out in particular, so you're careful and can I have it?
    • It gets hot in the inside of the house in March and afterwards.
    • Please have and cross a hat and a handkerchief towel. 
  • About footwear.
    • High-heeled shoe etc. are considered to be hard to walk along the high footwear of a heel.
    • It is farmland although it has fixed. It is uneven in some places.



  • 当園では、設定時間による一斉開始制をとらせていただいております。
  • I have had you make it take the simultaneous start system by a set period in this farm. 
    • 遠方からのお客様は早めの出発・到着予定でお越しいただければと思います。
    • The visitor from a distant place hopes for coming to get in early start / arrival schedule. 
    • 万一時間に間に合わない場合は、開始させていただきますのでご了承ください。
    • Please understand that I will start, when it should not be in time for time.
    • 間に合わなかった場合でも、次の時間に空きがある場合は融通させていただきます。
    • I will accommodate, when it does not do, and the next time has an opening. 
  • ゴミに関して
  • About trash.
    • ゴミ箱や取り皿をご用意させていただいております。
    • I am allowed to prepare a garbage can and a plate.
    • イチゴのヘタやゴミはゴミ箱へお願いいたします。
    • Please give me calyx and garbage of a strawberry to a garbage can. 
  • イチゴの実に関して
  • About the fruit of a strawberry 
    • 愛情込めて作らせていただいております
    • I'm including and am making affection.
    • 先っぽだけ食べて捨てないであげてください
    • Please raise without eating and throwing away only a tip. 
    • 落とした実を踏まないように、拾ってゴミ箱へ捨ててください
    • Not to step on the dropped fruit, please gather and throw away into a garbage can. 


It is strawberry picking about 「food educational agricultural education」. 



Therefore, before eating, I am allowed to speak for a while

Please understand the situation. 



Time has a start at 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11 ,11:30 and 12:00 (there is time which is not held a weekday). 



Since there are advance preparations, it is reservation priority. 


(It can enter, when a reservation frame has an opening on the day. )




Please finish a receptionist even to 5-minute before of start time so that trouble does not start other visitors.


(with all of the reserved direction and all the groups -- since -- it is because it is started) 



If each time zone starting time passes, please give me the participation to the next time zone. 


(The direction which was late for the time of a start at 12:00 may serve as cancellation treatment. )



Reservation has become possible from a strawberry picking page with the check of an empty situations. 


After the flow of strawberry picking, etc. approve of the above-mentioned contents, please give me reservation.